Order Processing

This base module contains everything you need to process orders and the associated reporting such as Bookings Reports, Commission Due Our Company Reports, Commission Due Salesman Reports, etc.

Invoicing / Accounts Receivable

This module handles the invoicing of orders that you will be invoicing yourself.


This module handles the tracking and management of the items you actually stock.


This module handles the Purchasing of merchandise you need to restock your inventory and to fill non-stock & drop ship orders from customers.


This module allows you to prepare professional looking quotations for your customers in record time. It also produces a range of reports for following up on quotes. A quote can easily be converted to an order.


The Assemblies module handles the situation where you get an order from a customer for a single line item. You then need to order through Purchasing (or obtain from your inventory) several (or many) different items that are put together to make the item the customer ordered. The items needing to be ordered may come from different factories. After the assembly is completed, it is shipped and invoiced to the customer as one line item. This module handles Standard Assemblies (such as kits) and Custom Assemblies.

Contact Module

This module allows you to keep contact information on all the companies that you do business with and the people at those companies. It can be accessed from the Quotations module to speed up the process of producing Quotes.

Demo Inventory

Tracks the items you use for demo purposes, including who has it and when it should be sold.

Accounts Payable

Allows you to enter the invoices you receive and produce AP checks to pay your vendors.

General Ledger Interface

Interfaces with several GL programs to transfer data from RAMS to your accounting software for the production of financial reports.

File Manager Module

Allows you to attach files from your PC (such as Word documents, spreadsheets, factory sizing files, etc) to the Orders and Quotes stored on the RAMS server. Whenever you want to access these files, just call up the order or quote and pick the file you want.